Hospital Management Information System


Hospital Information System (HIS) or Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) or Hospital Management System software are synonyms of hospital e-Governance initiatives, which means making a hospital management paperless. This includes the clinical, back office and generic management of all activities. It integrates the entire resources of a hospital into one integrated software application.

Hospital Management System (HMS) from Idea Inside makes such an attempt and offers a world class solution, which fits into all kinds of hardware platform including a mobile phone. Our online hospital management software is a patient-centric mechanism that has exceptional capability of handling outpatients, inpatients, emergencies, day care and different other referred patient cases. We aimed at offering fully configured web based healthcare solution enabled with mobile friendly features & characteristics. With the assistance of healthcare intelligence system, hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions can keep all processes under control and can make quick decision through mobile or hand set support.


Powerful Reservation Management

  • Easy and Intuitive booking view
  • Up-to-date availability on portals
  • User-friendly interface
  • Guest details on the fingertips
  • Drag & drop reservation editing






Reception & Cash Box Administration

  • Easily keep track of all the reception actions
  • Control the cash flow of your hostel
  • Keep an eye on the income and expenses






Accounts, Statistics & Reports

  • Unlimited accounts for multiple currencies
  • Income and expense categories
  • Upcoming payments list for future bills and deliveries
  • Future income projections




Synchronized between Computers

  • Advanced real-time data synchronization
  • Many users can work in use HostelSystem simultaneously on multiple computers





Point of Sale

  • Manage sales from from your Front Desk
  • Organize Gift Shops and Mini Bars
  • Keep track of the items inventory