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E Jewelers
Multiple Trades, One Solutions

You May be doing any business, We Support It Both in Physical Store & Online Store As well.

When your business runs on feature rich “E Jewelers”, Life becomes extremely simple. E Jewelers has been especially designed to help you eliminate the complexities in different kinds of business operations like organizing your financial accounts, Stock, I & J Forms, GST Reports With E-Filing, Production Processes, Single GST / Multi GST Billing, TDS Reporting, GST E-filing and many more.

jewellery-mangement-systemWith “E Jewelers”, you need to ensure the accuracy while keying in your invoices, thereafter all documents, reports and statements will be generated automatically.

E Jewelers Provides upto date information at your fingertips, keeping you better informed, helping you make quicker business decisions.

Salient Features

  • GST E – Filing
  • Comprehensive Financial Accounting (With or without inventory).
  • Complete Inventory Management (Single GST / Multi GST)
  • Unlimited Billing Formats (User configurable billing formats)
  • Export or email any report in any format e.g. PDF, Excel, MS Word, HTML,
  • User defined Additional Fields In Items
  • Powerful Discount Setting Feature that enables you to create a number of discounts applicable in sale/purchase
  • Home Screen which shows your business’s outlook every time on your desktop.
  • Powerful Sale / Purchase Analysis
  • User can switch on / off software features as per trade requirements.
  • Default Bill Sundry Settings to enable fast entry.
  • Window Based / DOS Based Printing

Covers the following trades

  • Commission Agents (Kachi & Pakki Aarath) & Order Suppliers (Bijak)
  • Financial Accounting (With or without inventory)
  • Pesticides / Fertilizers / Seeds Dealers.
  • Multi GST Items Sale / Purchase
  • Single GST Items Sale / Purchase
  • Production
  • Retail Medicines
  • Jewelers Trading
  • TDS Reporting
  • GST Reports With E-Filing

How E Jewelers Can help in Commission Agents Accounting
(Kachi Aarath & Pakki aarath)
Concept of Gold Market

jewellery-software-500x500In a Grain Market, The commission agent is a responsible person for farmer’s crop procurement, auction and payment’s to farmers, collection from govt. agencies etc. He does no sale or purchase. In Commission agent’s accounting No trading account exists. He is just selling on the behalf of farmer (His income is commission only).

The farmer supplies his crop to commission agents and in return commission agents issues “J-form” to farmer mentioning the items, its bags, weight etc. I “J-Form” the commission agent also deduct some expenses like labour, stitching etc. from farmer. Likewise at the time of goods lifting (Sales) the commission agent issues “I – Form” to purchaser (Govt. Agencies) mentioning the Item name, farmer name, weight, bags, price etc. On “I – Form” the commission agent charges his commission and other charges (e.g. labour, stitching etc.)  from purchaser.

To maintain his books computerized, the commission agent has to post journal entries for both farmer and purchaser. This is a very much time consuming and tedious process.

till-system-cosmeticsIn “E Jewelers”, these entries can be maintained in a single entry transaction screen. All the ‘I-Form” and “J-Form” entries are posted in respected registers. All the ledgers related to farmers and purchasers are maintained. All the reports right from 'Nakal Wahi', Day Book, I Form / J Form Registers to GST Reports, Balance Sheets etc. will be generated automatically. Salient Features of 'Speed' are following.

Very Simple to use, Only a single entry to post for I Form and J Forms. Rest everything let 'Speed' do for you, right from maintaining 'Nakal Wahi', Day Book, I Form / J Form Registers to GST Reports, Balance Sheets etc. Salient Features of 'Speed' are following.

Problem No. 1

software-program-for-jewerly-designer_01In Pesticides market, the major problem faced by a distributor is in maintaining its credit notes towards pesticide companies. According to our survey, In a motive to increase the turnover, pesticides manufacturing companies supply goods to its distributors and traders at higher rate than actual rate. The difference between these rates is adjusted through credit notes at the end of quarter/year. The distributors have this major problem of keeping record about billing price and actual (committed) price, free goods offerings, Schemes/Discounts etc. They have to keep this record in their diary. And at the end it becomes too much difficult to reconcile the credit note given by company with its commitments.

Problem No. 2

As we know 70% of Indian economy is based on agriculture. We see 90% of farmers do not purchase any kind of item [Pesticides / fertilizers / seeds etc.] directly from dealer rather they prefer to purchase all the items on behalf of commission agent. The Commission agent gives them a slip to purchase a particular item from a particular dealer. The dealers have to manage two rates.

1) The rate at which goods are billed to the farmer.

2) The rate which is committed with the commission agent on particular item.

 Problem No. 3

The third major problem in this market is in managing inventory of goods. The Dealers have to manage inventory in two units e.g. Pcs. And Ltrs, Bags and Kgs. And rates are also calculated in two methods i.e. in primary units and alternate units. Suppose an item say ‘ABC’ is available in Pcs. and one piece contains 100 ml of a ‘ABC’. The dealers wish to know how much total pcs. are available and how much total liters are available in his shop. During billing he has to option to specify whether price is to charges per pc. Or per ltr.

In ‘E Jewelers’, All these rate difference calculations, inventory calculations, units are managed in a proper manner.

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